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Social Media Marketing Consultantancy Covering Liverpool &  Merseyside

Social media platforms are growing at an incredible rate. The number of present social media subscribers is thought to be over 2.5 billion, with this expected to rise 10% each year. As any as 50% of people are using social channels to consider making a investment based on what they have seen on social media. With these figures in mind, it’s imperative that most business has a well thought out social media strategy that understands your target audience and helps them to communicate with your business on the platform where they are spending their time.

There are some incredible things that can be attribute to social media, such as giving users a ‘say’ who otherwise would not have been heard. People can also share their displeasure, so it’s critical that your organisation has a policy to deal with negative interaction.

I get that managers of marketing are short of time to spend on social media and that it can be hard to know which social platform to focus on. FB still dominates the social globe yet Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn all have their place in the market. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have millions of subscribers, with FB Messenger having an amazing forty seven percent penetration and Instagram having twenty seven percent for interactivity. If you’re not clear which social platform is best for your organisation, the answer is simply to understand on which channel your key target customer is most likely to using.

Social media is a key part of your communications

As a social media consultant covering both Liverpool and Merseyside, I understand that social marketing needs to be part of any marketing strategy. I have the social media knowledge to help you to communicate your brand on-line and deliver quality content, which is aimed at specific social media platforms.

I can support you with implementing a social media plan by identifying excellent value opportunities. Alongside my associates, we can post updates, links to blogs, as well as develop content marketing and social media advertising campaigns.

As a keen digital strategist, I’m here to help you to communicate your message so that you can get the best value from the increasingly changing world of social media.

For more information about the specialist social media consultancy services that  I can offer to your business based in Liverpool or Merseyside.
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