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Photography & Video Production Services Covering Liverpool & Merseyside


I’ve worked in the fashion industry for over than 20 years. I can provide expert advice in the art direction of photography and video production for fashion, lifestyle and commercial clients.

My account management experience can assist you in organising everything you need for a photographic or video shoot. With my knowledge you can feel secure that everything will run smoothly.

If your business needs to arrange a shoot and you need art direction, actors, makeup artists, models, stylist, photographers or equipment hire, I’m can help. My pointers for running a good production are as follows:

If your brand needs art direction, models, actors, makeup artists, stylist, photographers or even equipment hire, I’m here to help. My tips for running a successful production are as follows:

Video Production

1. Know your Head Shot – Know your customer and know the detail of each shot or footage to make sure you’re covering the benefits and the client’s brief. A shot count will give you clarity and make the team aware what needs to get sorted. In each shot or clip make sure that you have accounted for all the variations that need to be grabbed.

2. Produce a mood board – Creating a mood board helps to show the guys what you are trying to produce. Mood boards help everyone see what you are trying to achieve and what assets will be required. Importantly mood boards give the photographer & videographer a reference for what the client wants to achieve.


3. Arrange a pre shoot meeting – Get all who is involved to come to a meeting before the shoot day to go through the brief, mood boards and shot list. This will help the team time to know what it to be achieved and to sort out requirements such as props, wardrobe, set layout etc. It also helps the team to bond to bond so the shoot day runs smoothly.

4. Set up a castings for models / actors – If you need an actor, photographer or model to produce the goods on the day make sure they attend a casting to test their level of expertise and check they will be able to deliver it under pressured circumstances.

5. Remember the product – If your shoot involves a product, be sure to make sure it arrives in advance of the shoot and that each product shot is on the shot list. If you’re photographing items such as foods make sure there is enough of it for the stylist to work with.

6. Don’t be afraid to take control – In order to run a successful day it’s important that you specify your requirements clearly. It’s crucial that all on set are working in harmony to achieve the desired outcome. If things aren’t going well you must discuss any concerns immediately. Remember to focus on the benefits of the product or service you are advertising and make sure the needs of your client are accounted for.

7. Be open to change – Having a goal for the day is good, but situations change and action is required. Always be ready to adapt to a situation. For example what happens if you’re outside and it starts to or the models falls Ill. Have a contingency plan to manage these risks should they occur.

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