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Mobile App Development Consultant Covering Liverpool & Merseyside

In 2017, the money created from mobile apps is estimated to be worth over 70 billion dollars with the number of global users using mobile smart devices overtaking the number of desktop users.

Developing a mobile app alongside a mobile friendly website will improve user experience. With circa 90% of the time users spend on mobile devices being committed to apps, it’s hardly surprising that many companies in 2017 are investing in the development of their own mobile apps.

As a digital marketing consultant covering Liverpool, I can work with your organisation to create mobile apps for both smart phone and tablet on iOS & Android.

Mobile apps encourage interaction with your business

The first thing to consider when developing a mobile app is its reason for being. Once the purpose has been clarified, we use a framework to develop a mobile test. The front-end process looks at interface design, synchronisation and app caching whilst the back-end will be designed to log
users, manage the user experience and record data.

Mobile apps allow prospects to become aware of your organisation, and interact with your brand.

Mobile apps can support your business in the following ways:

  • By informing prospects about your products and services
  • Providing a different channel of communication for users to engage with your brand
  • By pushing out notifications to promote your business
  • By creating trust and allowing users to correspond with you
Adding Value

Creating a mobile app can really help give a better experience to your users. One way of doing this is via a remuneration programme, where prospects can get offers & discounts as a remuneration for using your app.

Once your mobile app has been created, I can help you to advertise it in the following ways:

  • Use of app store optimisation – app stores are now much better at making their stores easy to navigate and be found for specific key words
  • PPC advertising across Google and social media channel can be useful
  • Developing a promo video that tells your story and promotes the benefits and of your app.
  • Promoting your app offline using traditional media, such as PR strategies and advertising to direct prospects to the app store

So, if you are looking for a mobile app development consultant to work with your
Liverpool or Merseyside based business.
Please call: +44 (0)7966 396 306 or email: simon@marketingconsultantliverpool.co.uk